Picture of my '94 Nitro 2000 DC

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Chris Snider

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Apr 10, 2001
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Just added a picture of my recently purchased 1994 Nitro 2000 DC in the "Owner's Gallery" (under Chris Snider)... I often wonder if I should've bought a 20' boat for my first one, but then I realize that it should keep me satisfied for a long time (hopefully)...

Anyway, thought you guys may be interested in seeing the boat that I run aground EVERY time I take it out and can barely get straight on the trailer... :) Thanks for everybody's help... Ya know, I just can't help it... I'm like a little kid when it comes to cool new toys (aren't we all?)!
Hey Adam! You grew up in Troy, huh? Cool... I'm not one to "teach" anybody the lake, though! I've only been on it 4 times now... (only lived in Pokie around a year, originally from around Carbondale, Illinois...). Anyway, I caught around 6 small striped bass on Sunday, but that's about the best I've done out there so far... I think they're in there, but I just haven't found 'em... I'm just getting back into fishing after a lengthy departure. I joined the Air Force and didn't pick a pole up in 7-8 years! I have no idea why, I just never found the time to do it anymore... Weird... Well, anyway, I bought the boat on a whim and I think it'll be fun... Send me an email!