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Rich Stern

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Feb 26, 2000
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I was just polking around in the member list and found that Peter Mueller, of Herten, Germany, has joined our ranks.

Peter, hello and welcome! How's the bass fishing in your part of the world?

Peter - Welcome Aboard the board!!! Tell us all about your experiences buying your Nitro/Tracker overseas (to us americans)! Is it fixed price like in the US??

Rich - O.K. MR. Engineer, next assignment while your figuring out how to sort the Member list by BOAT, you can add COUNTRY too!

Trepman, you'll have to talk to the product development engineers. I'm strictly high-level/no-details management when requests for new features come in.

Those pocket protector guys should be back from vacation any month now...

Guton Tag Peter,

Welcome aboard. I visited Germany about 3 years ago. I stopped by Berlin, Potsdam and Dresden. It's beutiful country over there. I was there in September and the weather was fantastic. How's the fishing over there?