Okay on Octane but what brand?

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Barry Loos

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Jul 2, 2001
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Thanks guys for the information about the octane rating. Now my next question is: "are there brands of gasoline to avoid? A Tracker dealer recommended staying away from BP gasoline. He said that I should only use Shell or Marathon. Has anyone heard similar comments or does the dealer only have stock in Shell.
If possible use Gas with no Ethanol.. although it is not available in most areas (espesially near large cities). I recently took a trip and saw it sold in Minnesota. I would stick with a Busy Name Brand Gas station, or at least a Busy Gas Station. The Gas stations you see tanker trucks in the lot the most will probably have the Freshest Gas. I use Shell, Marathon or Phillips.
Barry -

Like E.T. said, buy from the larger stations whenever possible. They are very unlikely to have any contamination in the fuel they sell. Smaller stations that have the tanks filled irregularly may have water condense in them, etc.

Brand doesn't really make a difference; they just use slightly different additives that all do the same thing. Even the "minor" chains just purchase their gasoline from the majors.

I think the reason some people might shun BP is that it is "British Petroleum". Guess I'll just have to go get my "patriotism booster shot".........

I appreciate the replies. The local Shell station is always busy and getting fresh gas so I'll get it from them when I'm in town and get it from a busy looking place when I'm elsewhere.