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Rich Stern

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Feb 26, 2000
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I've had a lot of requests for this:

If you would prefer to see messages organized by category, there is now a preference control for that.

Click on preferences at the top of the page. The new preference is at the right side of the Preferences section and is "Show messages organized by category?"

If you check the option box for this preference, the main view of the message board will look very different. Instead of seeing all of the recent posts, you will see a category list and a description of the activity in that category (number of topics, replies, date of latest message).

It makes the board feel very different; some folks will like this type of view, others will not. You can try it and decide for yourself. To switch back to the old style, just uncheck the same option box.
Rich, it can't get much better than this. I appreciate all your hard work for our benefit.
Ray -

You won't find any better person anywhere than Rich Stern!

I respectfully disagree Scott,..I appreciate your sincerity, but if it wasn't for Rich and this site,..we'd all be a little more miserable!!..LOL...You ROCK Rich!!
Have a GREAT weekend!!

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