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Mike Watson

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Mar 1, 2000
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Well folks, the deal is done. I have traded in my Pro-Angler for the new Pro-Deep V16. They should start rigging it this week.

Hey John K., this is how I am rigging my boat, just to give you some ideas. I upgraded the trolling motor to the 67lb-24volt, 50"shaft. Since Trackers are already wired for Humminbirds, I upgraded to the 400TX with speed and temp. Also got the spare tire and boat cover.

I will be adding a 400TX to the bow, bimini top, Scotty rod holders, compass, anchor cleats, 12/24 volt plug at the transom, transom electric motor and VHF radio. That is this years list, probably more next year.

As far as anchors go, I just use a handheld one but keep the rope wrapped around an extension cord reel.

Yeehah! I can't wait, good fishing everyone,

Mataleo, I went with the side console. The combo and side console are two different boats, completely! With the side console Tracker fixed all of the things that bothered me about the combo or old Deep V16. The side console is wider. It uses a heavier guage aluminum, .90 not only in the bottom but also the sides. It has a deeper V for handling the rougher water. It has a much larger splash well and a larger gas tank. To me it added up to a much tougher boat. Also, a windshield eats up a lot of room in a 16 foot boat. Now keep in mind that 90% of this boat's time will be fishing. There are others on this board who have the combos and love them. They would be handy if you do skiing or tubing a lot. Those were my reasons, hope it helps.

MIke.. I live in Park Ridge Myself. Sure wish I knew you were selling yours. I have a TV17 and a friend of mine is in the market for a similar boat although the new boat price has scared him a bit. Where is yours at? You can email me if you like Thanx.
Thats great news Mike. I'm supposed to go down Friday to finish rigging out mine. According to the dealer, it won't be in for another 2 weeks (seems like forever). I have been debating about the additional electronics up front(mainly what brand). You said you upgraded the trolling motor, seeing as this is my first boat, do you think this is something I should be looking at doing? Also, I have been debating the anchor situation still (manual, or powered and one or two), still not sure yet.

As for the Marine Radio, ironically enough my brother-in-law and I just had a discussion about that same subject last night (i.e., handheld or mounted) which is best. He's looking at a mounted Raytheon model (not sure which model) with an 3 foot antenae which feels will give him better reception. I'm not sure which route to go on this one either.

As always, opinions and advice are much appreciated.

Anyways, congrats on the new boat and let me know how it things are going when you get it.

(P.S. which bimini top did you go with?)

Good Fishing,

John K.

Congrats, Mike! Show us some pics of your new ride when you get 'em.
John K., I sometimes fish in river currents so wanted more power out of my trolling motor. That is why I went with the higher thrust. I went with 24volt because I will be able to use that power for a longer time before needing a recharge. I am hoping that the 50" shaft will be long enough to stay in the water when there is some chop. It should be.

As far as the VHF, I haven't decided that yet. I had a handheld one until it was stolen with my truck. I liked it a lot and will probably go the same route. Your brother-in-law is correct on the fact that he will get better reception with his set-up. I fish smaller inland lakes so a hand held works fine.

As far as bimini tops go, I will probably order mine out of Cabellas.They have a pretty good selection. I have to wait to get the boat so I can take the measurements.

The one thing I can tell you is you will learn what you like and don't like on your first boat and either rerig it or do it differently on your second boat. Either way ENJOY!

I understand on the trolling motor thing. As for me, I shouldn't be in any major currents to speak of. Also, Texoma will be the biggest body of water I'll be on that I can foresee (although its no small pond in itself) so I think I'll end up going with the hand held as well. Thanks for the info and enjoy your new boat!! Hopefully in a couple of weeks, I'll be doing the same.

Good fishing and God Bless,

John K.


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