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Barb Baggott

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Mar 27, 2001
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Hello all,

It seems that we may need all your boats here in IL as the water is getting high and we need to get the animals out, 2 by 2! LOL Who else was saying that they wanted to be called Noah? This weather is terrible. If it wasn't for the lightening, I might attempt to get the boat out, but then again, a few more inches of rain and I'll be able to launch from my garage. Anyone have any dock blueprints? May need to build one in front yard. Hopefully all the rest of you are able to get out and get the big ones. And again, how many boats do we have available for animal pick up? LOL

Barb -

I've used my canoe to help pick up trash along the Meramec River here in Missouri many times when they've had their annual river clean-up...... If I can haul trash - I can certainly haul a few bunny rabbits, possums or box turtles!

Same with the weather down here in St. Louis..... I haven't really been fishing since Easter weekend and the tournament...... Tried a bit of stream fishing over Memorial Day weekend - but it was just too crowded for my liking.

OK, Todd C.! Now you can step in and tell us how Bee-Yoo-Tee-Full it is in California!

Pretty wet here in SW Lower Michigan, but I'm picking my 'hours' here and there to get out...
Caught a 4# and a 5# largemouth along with a 5# northern yesterday in between the showers...
The spawn has got to be all screwed up...warm weather early, water was up to this cold snap, water was 58 yesterday...both bass I caught were obviously full of eggs, but had torn-up bloody tails...
Only one good thing about this cold and wet weather...NO JET SKIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sink steel,
Barb, here in the Springfield, IL area I've been out almost every Sunday fishing this tournament or that one. I won a tournament at little Waverly Lake a week and a half ago, 2 bass weighing 7lbs 1oz. It's the Thursday night tournaments I have been having trouble getting to fish because of rain. We could sure use a break in the rain though and have soem good hot weather to warm up the lakes and bring on the summer type bite.
I'm sure if Penny Berryman is stranded, Scott will be right there with all available resources to save her. LOL.
I know what you mean Barb. My boat looks pretty in the garage but it's even prettier when it's on the water. Which it hasn't been because of the weather. Lucky for me I have had family commitments during these rainy weekends anyway. However, I only have one more weekend of those and then it will be time to get back on the water. Do you hear that Mr. Rain, you have one more week to get out of here.

Stay dry,

Hey Ron,
Not in a million years did I think I would see a posting regarding Waverly lake. It is a small world. I'm from the land of Lincoln as well and used to fish Waverly, Franklin and Jacksonville Lakes all the time. Unfortunately, A man can only have so many lake permits so I stick to mostly Otter and Springfield now. But I shure do miss that Jig-N-Pig only tourney.
Tight Lines,
Rob S
Folks, come on. All you do in the rain is make sure you fish under the bridges. That's where the fish go so they don't get wet! I had a guy believe that once.
Hey Scott, your right(for the most part) the weather out here has been nice. Although we did actually fall down to the freezing mark one night last week. But looks like we're back on a slow warming trend. 82 and sunny here in "The Biggest Little City in the World" today. Unfortunately, due to circumstances other than weather or work, I'm not getting in near as much "Toon Time" as I'd like. Might take my son a multi-species derby this weekend though.
I hope things dry up for you guys soon, I do know what it's like to see that boat sitting in the driveway begging to go!!

Todd C.