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Jeremy Flatt

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Jan 5, 2001
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Hello everyone-I own a 97 60 horse mercury on my bass tracker, and the last time I had it out It seemed to run a little rough and I had trouble starting it, yesterday I took it out and I could not get it to start-I checked everything from the gas lines to the kill switch and it would not start-I took it home and yanked the plugs-I had fouled them so I replaced them today and I took it back to the lake to see if I had solved my problem-nothing. I could not get it to start-then I heavily choked it and put it in warm up. I finally got it started, but it did not want to idle or warm up-everytime I give it gas it would die, and it was smoking something terrible-really bad. It was pumping water fine and it finally started idling good, but it was smoking terrible-if anyone has any reccomendations or thoughts about this I would be delighted to hear any of them, thanks in advance, Jeremy
I always look for the simplest solutions first.......

Sounds to me like you may have severely flooded your engine. When a 2-stroke floods, it fills a chamber below the piston with fuel and can take forever to clean out.

Take out your spark plugs and just crank the engine for a short time. Be sure to not leave a wire hanging loose where a spark might ignite the raw fuel the will be pumped out.

When you go to restart it - don't touch the choke!

Hey Scott,

I heard that trimming your motor all the way up for a few seconds and then running it back down before trying to start it will help in clearing a flood. Any truth to that?