Mercury prox XS250 2 stroke beep code

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Jun 28, 2020
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Sugar Hill Ga
Hello All, my Merc let me down yesterday. Ran great all AM running after them SPOTS on Lanier. Went to crank it. . Sputter cough then 6 beeps. I could get it to fire off. It would run for a few seconds sputter stall then 6 beeps. Rinse repeat. Always the same result. A few times it would fire off and run poorly at a higher RPM but as soon as let off the hot foot it would stall. Would never run more than the first RPM I happen to have set from my hot foot and then poorly.. No idle at all. It could be bad gas but there were zero performance issue all morning. All that to ask if anyone else had a similar issue and it was a component issue before I drain 20 gallons of gas and try again. Plus what the 6 beep code means. I am looking for my engine manual to see there; as well as the web. THX in advance.

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