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Doug Patillo

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Mar 21, 2001
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Good Afternoon: My father and I are thinking of purchasing a 25 foot pontoon at an auction.It does not have a motor. How much would a good 50 HP motor run us? Just trying to get an idea before we bid on the boat.

Thanks, DOUG
Doug -

Out behind the BPS warehouse there are a whole bunch of unattended used boats with motors on them that no one would ever miss....... And, if you don't mind the lower gas mileage - there's a brown and gold 929 with a 225 Merc that I can guarantee runs mighty fine!

Doug, there is an outfit up in Canada called Pinewood Sports that sells a lot of end-of-lease returned motors at reasonable prices. I had investigated a motor upgrade a couple of years back and came away impressed from what these guys were doing.

Check the link below.
Thanks Huck & Rich!

Scott: I was out there just a couple of days ago taking some pics for my owners manual and I thought of you and Rich when I saw that Nitro beauty back there.
I imagine somebody would notice if it was missing....hmmmm....that is a good (and cheap) idea though!

I have some new 2000 50 Merc 4-strokes. I'd sell you one at COST.

E-mail me for pricing info...