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Robert Spradley

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May 28, 2001
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Rich, Is there a way to post a message to Message board and grab bag without having to type it twice?

Thanks Robert
Type it once.

Highlight it using your cursor.

Hit "CTRL + C" to copy. (You can't use the "copy" function in "Edit".)

Go to the other board and put the cursor at the biginning of where you want the text to appear.

Hit "CTRL + V" to paste the text.

Forgot one step.........

Use the "Preview" button on the Message Board to check for spelling errors like "biginning" - unless you're talking about a baseball game!
Nominal, you can't post to the Grab Bag. If you want a project published in the Grab Bag section, you will have to send it to me.

If you meant Events or Swap and Sell, then Scott's advice is right on.

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