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Buzz Bouvier

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Feb 22, 2001
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I was told that if I remove the float on my Merc 200 HP EFI on the tank located on the motor that I should hear a alarm go off. I tried this evening and I didn't get any warning what so ever. I've never had a motor that had a warning alarm for low oil. Is this procedure indeed suppose to work? Thanks for any information. I tried with the key in the on position and with the master switch on, still no warning alarm..
I know mine works!! It went off almost all day last weekend while I was fishing. Had about 1 1/2" of oil in the resevior
too!! You can either have a dealer look at it, or just remember to fill it with oil "every" time you take it out.

Todd C.
Removing it does nothing... the sensor only works when the circut is completed, run a jumper wire between the black and the blue wire comming from the cap or remove the cap and slide the float all the way down you should hear the horn.
I know mine works, tested it by grounding it. Then I installed a red
warning lite on the dash so if it goes off, I can see it cause I doubt I
can hear the buzzer, its not loud enought when wide open.

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