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Ron Chapman

Apr 10, 2001
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Ok guys I have started Fishing a weekly Tuesday evening tourney 1200 acre lake mostly smallmouth I have pre fished it quite a bit got 6 good spots picked out several others i have picked a keeper up on occasion. but these bass just don't school. 50 boats usually 2 tournaments a week plus lots of pleasure boats. 7lbs won the first week and 12lbs won the second week with 5 fish this is a team tournament so you can have 10 fish. Now after all that.

The real Question is with as many boats as there is after i fish my first spot everything i hit will probably be used water so do i fish every inch of it or hit it quick and get and run to the next spot ??? By the way I am catching all these smallies on 1/4oz tube jigs 3 1/2" in watermelon.

rip some lips...Ron
Ron up here in Rhode Isalnd and Mass I un into that same problem at Open Tournaments here. Many of the lakes are even smaller, 150 to 1200 acres and we get as many as 80 boats on some of these lakes. Up here I have no problems going to used water and fishing behind people. Look for little things that may have benn over looked or present your baits in a different way. Best of Luck

Do not run! Those fish are there just spooked by the pressure. Slow down fish slow and hard. Down scale your baits, find what it is they want. Don't be afraid to throw something nobody else is, because that is what will trigger bites. Good luck.
I agree with Rob,...just fish a little deeper and a LOT slower than everyone else,......fish a Jig or worm off the deep edges in 12-15ft (or where ever the deep weed edge is) and you'll get the better fish anyway. Also the opposite may work at times too (isn't tournament fishing fun??..LOL)...don't pass up the boat docks and pontoons!!...I've seen guys win tournaments on that pattern and there was nothing between the boat docks and the first drop, but 40yds of 12" deep sand flat!!....Everyone was fishing the edges (including me) and this guy went up shallow and whacked the bass that everyone figured "wouldn't be there" because there was nothing to hold them.......except pontoons!!..ahahhhha....chalk it up in the memory banks under "experience". More times than not though, they will be on the deeper edges right where the weeds stop growing....fish that area with a worm and jig and you'll catch the toads!! Just slow down,...that's the hardest thing to do!!! Good luck!!
June Bug is a GREAT color for that,...seems to work under any circumstance,....Blue Fleck power worms too!!

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