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Rob LaMoy

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Mar 19, 2001
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Well, this in no way can compare to what Mac is going through, but, my weekend was quite the character builder to say the least. Sat, had a guide trip with 30 mph winds out ot the NW. Fish were on BIG time, but lost my TM prop, AND anchor to the waves, couldn't hold the boat still. Sunday, didn't fish, but of course, lake was like glass! Yesterday on the water again, yup wind out of the south this time (worst way to have it on Champlain) at 25 MPH. Only caught, 3 fish all stinkin day and cracked the bottom of my hull. Now for the cool news before the shatter, was out and say DENNY BRAUER!!! Followed him (with his permission) for 2 1/2 hours, talked to him and his wife. For those who don't know, Denny is my personal favorite since well before his last FLW championship, or Classic win. I am a big jig fisherman and my 3 year old boy always says, "Me and Daddy gonna be Chad and Denny". That was way cool! What a down to earth guy. Hope he wins. Got home after that to find that someone had broken into MY HOME and stolen all of the my boy's money from Christmas and birthdays, about $200 from his piggy bank. They also took, some CD's, games and a few other misc things. Tried my gun safe but couldn't get in. Man was I HOT! Good thing I didn't catch them, or I may have been typing this with the approval of a defense attorney! LOL Broad day light too! But all the neighbors were out for the holiday so nobody witnessed a thing. Anyhow, lock your doors. My German shorthair now stays INDOORS whenever he's not running. Go ahead make his day. He is VERY protective.
Sorry to hear that some low life ruined your great day with the Brauers. But that must have been a wonderful time.

But Me living in California am used to having to lock up everything. At the Rally this year in MO. I think I drove Chris crazy always asking him if he locked up the truck or trailer. Around here. If it aint locked, it gone. And even sometimes when it's locked it ends up gone.


About this time last year, Rob, I was out on a job interview and came home to find that my apartment had been broken into........ SOB's stole my TV, stereo equipment, some cash AND a book of postage stamps! The biggest loss was my stereo - "my music" is my way of coming home and finding a small bit of piece and serenity after a long day...... They aparently had second thoughts about my collection of about 300 CD's....... Pulled a handfull out of the rack, saw they were all classical and left them on the floor! They missed the Peter Paul & Mary, Stones, Who and Paul Simon section!

A friend suggested that I stop in at pawn shops and look for my stuff....... About a week later, I had to pull off to the side of a street to let an ambulance by and noticed there was a shop right there - I stopped in....... No, I didn't find my Onkyo and Advents - but I did find even better Onkyo and Bose equipment! Picked it up for a "song"! It was covered with dust - seemed that the shop was located in an area that just didn't have a taste for speakers without 15" woofers and tuners seperate from the amplifiers!

Anyway....... Here it is, a year later, and I still check to see if my stuff is there as soon as I open the door...... Not a comfortable feeling.......

Sorry about your loss......