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Doug Patillo

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Mar 21, 2001
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Good Afternoon everyone: As most of you know, I am in the process of writing new owners manuals for all of Trackers product line. Would it be of a benefit to you as a boat owner to have as much information about the livewell as possible? Is the livewell system pretty easy for you to operate or do I need to have step by step instructions?
By the way, if you need any info on the livewell system, check out
They are the manufacturers of our livewell systems.
Thanks for all of your help.
Doug, The livewell instructions that came with my boat (Tracker ProCrappie) were easy to understand, but what is missing is a 'below the deck' diagram of the plumbing. This would be of great value for understanding have the livewell/baitwelll system works and for future troubleshooting. Just for your info, the rear livewell on my boat was the only thing on my boat which gave me a problem after I purchased it. Two trips back to the dealer for poor drainage and then freezing and cracking of a connector, which we will see if it is finally fixed when it is de-winterized and back in the water in a few weeks. Others on this board had the same problem with poor drainage in this same livewell. Thanks!
I would give some kind of details. I have seen several ??? come across this board about livewells mainly about flooding and switches.
I'm with everyone else, more info the better for us beginners.

Mike L. - I checked the 2001 Crappie Pro's and they have a new livewell and plumbing in them that looks like (at a quick glance) will solve the problem. Let me know this spring if yours is 100% fixed or not. They ended up shortening my drain hose about 3 inches but told me that it will not drain 100% without taking the whole rear deck off and re-running the entire plumbing. Since it does not freeze in my garage in Georgia, no problem for me.


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