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bob daniels

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May 17, 2000
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hay guys how about some advise on filling bait cast reels with line do you use old line to start out with and how much good line do you use and what pound for wha... thanks
Bob -

Line is relatively cheap - so I always use all new line.

Test wise...... I'm one of those crazies who just prefers to use lighter line. Heaviest I ever use is 17# - and that mostly for bait fishing for large cats. My preference for casting rigs for other use is 10 or 14#.

Spinning rigs 6 or 8 pound except for trout. For trout I almost always use 2# but ocassionally go to 4# or sometimes 10# Fireline with an 8# flourocarbon leader if I'm fishing a hole where I know really large (5#+) fish lurk!

Scott is a man after my own heart. I only use brand new Trilene XT Green 12# on my baitcasters. I can get away with 10 but I tend make more birds nests if I go that light.

I use 8 (sometimes 10#) Trilene XL Clear on my Spinning rods. And 4# for my ultra light trout rods.

One other thing I feel is important that a lot of people over look is to make sure the line goes on the real the same direction it comes off the spool. The line has a natural curl from being on the spool.

For Spinning reals: put the spool flat on the floor. Put the natural curl in the same direction as your bail spins.

For Bait casters: Have someone help you. Put a pensil or something thru the spool so the spool of lines spins just like the spool on your reel. You want the line packed nice and tight on the real so make sure your helper applies some tension to the spool of line.

These instructions are more clearly written (with illustraitions....illistraio... illi... AUGGHH! I mean pictures) in all packages of Trilene.

Keep those lines tight,


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