LESS THAN AMONTH LEFT.....Nitro/Tracker owners Rally Update

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John Foster

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Feb 29, 2000
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Hey guys and gals. only a few weeks left before the rally on April 14-15 and we now only have a few people signed up to attend. I know it is Easter weekend, but if can't make it on Sunday, how about just showing up for Saturday? After the friendly tournament there is going to be a BBQ and Prizes. It's not to late to sign up.. just click on the link on this sites home page and sign up.

We would love to get to meet you all..

OK, John! I know that! But I may only be able to make it down for Sasturday evening...... WHERE ARE YOU STAYING AND WHERE'S THE BBQ (Low fat & cholesteral, right?) GONNA BE?

I'm trying to find the link you are talking about, but can't. Where is the rally. Schedule of events? Any fees? Rob

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