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Andrew Zuber

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Mar 19, 2001
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Greetings all!
Well, here's the report...
Took the TV-18 to Lake Barkley in Kentucky last week...
Fished Friday April 20 through Thursday, April 26...
We have a little "contest" each year...We score each bass as a 1 point...If the bass goes 2 pounds, it scores 2 points, and so on...I stopped fishing the last day when I reached 200 points!!! Didn't get lots of big fish...My best was 3lb 14oz...probably had 8 fish 2lb or better...Most fish were 1lb 12oz (must have been a good hatch)...Big fish for the trip was 5lb even...
Have never caught bass like that in my life...Most came on soft brush hogs and power lizards, but it really didn't matter, THEY WERE HUNGRY!
Talk about being exhausted at the end of each was heaven!!! hahahaha
The best news was the performance of the TV-18!!!
It was awesome...If anyone is debating buying one, DO IT!!!
Drop me an email if you want specifics on the boat...
Catch and Release!!!
Andy Z
Wow! That's a fishing day if ever there was one. Great, Andy!