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Jon Puhalski

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Aug 22, 2000
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Winsted, CT
(Highland Lake is located in Winsted, CT)
Hit the waters of Highland Lake Saturday May 27 from about 11:30 till 5 PM. Day started mostly cloudy, then went partly sunny, then back to cloudy. Water temps were around 63 degrees. There was a 12 boat tourney from NJ out there and I talked to a few of the guys who were reporting a tough bite. Turned out to be a good day for the local angler in that the first spot I visited, just around the corner from the boat ramp, I found a multitude of empty beds. I began dragging a black/blue jig with a black/blue Zoom Super Chunk around the general area outside the spawning beds and quickly picked up two 1.5# largemouth.

My buddy Bill drove by around this time and I signaled him to meet me at the ramp. Bill had just gotten out of work and was not set up to fish nor did he have much time, but we went to a calm area that usually has some bedding smallmouth and sure enough we found five beds all bunched together. How the NJ boys didn’t find these is beyond me but it appeared that there was at least two smallmouth occupying the beds. Bill had grabbed one of my rods with a grub on it and failed to hook up with the smallmouth while I was throwing a Lunker City Ozmo, trimmed down to make “the bug” on a ¼ oz football head. Casting around these beds, I swung on a tap and soon discovered I had hooked up with a BIG largemouth. After a vicious battle, the beautiful largemouth came to hand and measured out just shy of 22 inches. Likely over 6 pounds.

Bill had to get going so I dropped him off and proceeded to fish the rest of the afternoon picking off a total of 12 largemouth and one smallmouth bass. A few of the fish came from beds but the majority were caught just fishing. The bed fish were duped by the Bug while the others came on the jig and pig. I never caught a fish from deeper than about 6 foot so was surprised that the tournament guys had a tough time of it. I did not check out there weigh in but I know I finished up the day with somewhere around 16 pounds for my best five fish.


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