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Andrew Zuber

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Mar 19, 2001
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OK dedicated Nitro and Tracker Web surfers...
The time is drawing near...
Bass season opens in Michigan this coming Friday at midnight (note that some of us can't wait until first light!) It's time to put these awesome boats into action! The out of season 7 pounder I caught 2 weeks ago doesn't count anymore(didn't even get a picture as the roll of film was used up!). With all the expert advice from this board, it's time to get some serious time logged in the TV-18! I've already changed all the line that I've used this spring, bought several pounds of soft plastics, and re-organized the tackle locker twice! It's a call to arms!!!
I'd love to start reading some fish stories on the old board...
Go For It Folks!
Sink the steel, get a pic, then release 'em to fight again...
See you on the water this weekend!
Hey Andy,

Speaking of logging some hours on TV-18, It's official that we are going to a 4 10hr day work week. That's right, I have every Friday off from now until August 31st. OOOHHH baby!!!!!! I'll have the good lakes all to my self while the rest of the world is, auhh, what do you call it, WORKING......LOL

Let's get'em boys!!!

Andy, what part of Michigan u from? I had to move to Ohio 4yrs back from
there. Damn I miss the fishing! Much better then here I think.

Ohio does not have season's...personal view, I think they should.
What a weekend in store. 3 days and 3 tournaments. I can't wait. Rip Some Lips Boys....oh ya Gals 2.... :)
You guys are way upstream of us here in Florida. Send water!!! Asked the guy at the bait store the other day what to use on the river and he said water! Worst drought I can remember in my life (46 years). I am afraid for the fishery here, salt and fresh. But I am glad to hear you guys getting fired up. Makes me want to trip to yankee land (LOL). Good luck and hope the wait was worth it!
Gene, if your ever up this way, it would be my pleasure to take you out fishin. Rod