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John Kinslow

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Mar 22, 2001
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My boat (Pro Deep-V 16) is finally in and ready! I sign the papers on it this afternoon and by tomorrow, well, you all know where I'll be. I feel like a little kid on Christmas morning. Hopefully with any luck, I won't make the "dumb things I did list" that was posted the other day on my first day out.

Also, I'm going down to buy an on board charger and I need advice on which one to get. I would eventually like to put another trolling batter on boar (room provided) so which charger should I get? I have no clue about them whatsoever so details are desperately needed (i.e., do I need a 5 amp, 10 amp, 1 bank, 2 bank, etc.).

Thanks in advance yall.

Good fishing and God bless

John K.
John,...Congrat's on your new boat!! I know the feeling,...mine's in too!! I really hate to dissapoint you, but it's only a matter of time before you make the "list"...LOL....every boater makes it eventually,...consider it a right of passage!! I suggest you get a charger with a bank for each battery on board with a minimum of 10amps per bank. If you use a 24vt trolling motor, then get a 3 bank charger,'re outboard won't generate the amperage to keep your cranking battery charged if you run the livewells and elec's all day,...eventually you'll have a dead crankin' batt. Buy a good quality (I have the Nitro brand) charger with 10amps per bank and you'll be good to go.....make sure you keep an eye on the water levels of your batteries if they're not sealed.....keep them topped off with distilled water too......good luck and have a great season.....regards,
John, That's awesome that your boat is in!!! I have about 10 days left to go before mine is here. Good luck this weekend!! I hope nothing dumb happens, but if something does, you be sure to let us know....

Tight lines,

Congratulations, John!! New boat time is a rush, just don't rush things the first time out and you will probably stay away from a case of the "dumbs" LOL

I'd go with what Mac said..but I'll add one thing. If you are going to fish alot, and your boat comes with a 12 v trolling motor, I would go ahead and get the three bank charger if you think there is ANY possibility that your existing trolling motor could be underpowered for your boat, or if you think you might want to upgrade to a 12/24 v later on. This will keep you from have to buy a whole new charging system later if you do.

You could also use the extra bank for a spare battery if you want to while you get up the cash for an upgrade.

Try the boat out on the water first before you buy a charger to see if the trolling motor may be underpowered, especially on a windy day.

As you may have guessed, I'm speaking from experience here. Been there and didn't think ahead.
Anyway, have fun with it!!!

Congrats John. Been there, done that... I was so in a hurry for mine, I talked the dealer into getting it ready
before the tarp was made. Word of advice which Im sure you know but remember the break in period.
It was hard for me to hold to a 2200 2500 rpm "break in" but didnt wanna "break" anything too!

I almost bought that one, but was thinking of the back deck not being big
enough, room wise, for wife or son, now sometimes I wish I had gone to the Pro Deep one
instead of the Pro Angler.

Oh well..Congrats again!
Thanks a bunch for the in for the info guys. I need all the help I can get. I'll definitely let you all know how I fared tomorrow night. With any luck, it will be smooth sailing and my appearance on the "dumb list" will have to wait for another day.

On the charger thing, it sounds like I should go ahead and get a 3 bank charger. I say this primarily because of the wind here in Oklahoma (it's been over 30 mph for the last several days). Thanks for the advice in this area Mac and Tom.

Marke, I hope that 10 days blows by for you. My 6 weeks felt like 6 years!

Eric B, I looked very hard at the Pro Angler and I have a good friend with the same boat. I'm still not totally conviced which is the better boat, each have their advantages. Regardless, I hope we both catch a boat load this year.

Good fishing and God Bless,

John K.