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Rob LaMoy

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Mar 19, 2001
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If anybody hadn't noticed, I joined the ranks the other day.I should have a picture with the boat soon. It is coming along nice. I rewired the trolling system last night and used atwood plugs. Charger still is not lighting up. Could that happen if the batteries have a dead short? I'll try new batteries before replacing the charger. One last question. On my bow console the motor toggle is 3 position. The top says 12-24 charge, the second says 12v and the third 24v. At the risk of sounding ignorant, I know that 12v runs the motor accordingly and 24vg likewise. I am assuming that the switch MUST be on 12-24 charge to plug in my charger right? If so, it still does not light up, but it does get warm. Any suggestions?
Hey Rob,

I just joined yesterday. We may be the 2 newest members/boat owners on the page. At least you have your boat already. I ordered mine on March 20th so I'm still waiting. I'm getting the 2001 TV-18 with 90HP Merc, galvinized trailer and the custom cover. The rest of the boat is the standard package. I tell you these next few weeks are going to be the longest of my life. Sorry I can't answer your question but you deffinately came to right place. I don't know who they are but Mac, Mini, Scott and everyone else here seem to know everytying. Thanks guys!

Tight lines,

Just a welcome so... Welcome to the site guys!
Marke -

I don't know nuthin'! But Mac, Mini, Pierre, Jim..... You catch them sober and they can really be great sources of information! IF you can catch them sober.....

Rob -

12/24V trolling motors is one of those things I don't know nuthin' about! I'm one of those people who prefers to anchor next to a stump and let the fish come to me if they want to get caught! I always have gotten 12V motors 'cause it's just one less battery to have to worry about and I never wear out a charge in a day the way I fish anyway!

Welcome to the best site on the web.
Not sure about 12/24 volt but the charger is probably good, a week battery will cause it to not light up. So you'll probably solve that problem when you get the new battery. Good luck.
....you've got that pretty well nuked out....the "charge" position uncouples
the motor from the circuit....less
resistance for the charger to work
against...well that's MY story anyway

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