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Marke Cicero

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Mar 21, 2001
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Hey Everyone,

I've been doing some thinking lately about my fishing career. I've been fishing regularly for 18 years now from a canoe in small bodies of water. I usually fish in small ponds with heavy cover were most bass boats cant go. Over the years I have become deadly with a texas rigged worm. I know that even the pro's have a signature technique but when conditions change they have productive back-ups.

I should have my first bassboat (2001 TV-18) sometime next week and I'm a little nervous that in larger bodies of water I'm not gonna know how to catch fish. I own tackle boxes full of crank baits and jigs and the usual arsenal, but I've never really had the chance to use them. I have 3 year old rattle traps still in the box.

I guess I'm just looking for new techniques and advice on developing confidence in them. I love my Berkley Power worms and I've had great success with them but I don't want to be completely dependent on them.


Hi Marke,you're definitely in an area, with a lot of good big water fishing. I'd try to get to Winnisquam, and Winnipisaukee if I were you. Both places are loaded with big fish. I've only been to them a few times, but I know a lot of people who do very well in both places. Try carolina rigged lizards, and worms in both places, also Husky jerks, spider grubs, Kalins grubs, and tubes, all work pretty well in both places.
P.S Look for the cabbage weeds on the bottom, and you'll find the smallies.
My suggestion would be to first subscribe to Bassmaster magazine or In-Fisherman. Each mag has new techniques each issue. Don't breeze over them. Rather, study them and then try to implement them. Remember there is no substitute for time on the water. If the fish are not biting, fight the urge to fire up that engine and start running all over. This is the time to fish new patterns. If you know the fish are there, you just haven't found what it is they want. I would also suggest fishing a couple of pro-am tourneys. You can acquire a wealth of knowledge from fishing behind a pro for a couple of days. If you are ever near Lake Champlain, give me a shout, I'd love to share a couple of baits I use often. Being a guide/capt on water this big forces you to be versatile. Anyhow, good luck, wish you screamin' drag.
check out woodaves.com

his seasonal tactics give a good place to start. worms are great lures, butcan often be outfished when the bass are chasing lures.

There is a new bait company coming out with some plastics that are unbelievable. THEY CATCH FISH. I am a guide, not sponsored by them, but I know the people, and the stuff works. They will be out in June I think, and I have tested them, and they are catching fish dropshotting, C-rigging, Texas rigging, you name it. There are about 8 different products, the company is called Bonzai Bait Co (they are from Texas. I will let you know when they get on the market.