If you could fish with ANYONE in the world,......who??

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Bill McElroy

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Jul 26, 2000
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Boards a little sloooooww today,...here's a thought provoker....If you could pick just one person (either alive or dead) to fish with for one day,.......who would it be with and why???

Well other than getting the chance to go fishing with you Mac, I would have to go towards the Walleye arena. It would be a toss up between Keith Kavajecz or Gary Parsons. I think I could learn more about walleye fishing in one day, with either one of those guys, than I could in years on my own. Plus, the way they drive their boats, you would be in for one hell of a ride.

Well, I'd have to say I'd have 2 choices,....my grandfather (God rest his soul) would absolutely FREAK at the thought of going 70mph in a boat,..not to mention releasing fish (Yeah Grandpa, I go VERY fast and we'll release ALL THE BASS!!...so sit down and hold on!!!)..he'd be in for a treat!!..LOL......as for the "living",....John L. Morris no doubt,....man the conversation I'd like to have with that man,....i'd only need 15 minutes to tell him my "Dreams and Goals", then we'd spend the rest of the time slammin' toads on Mini's spots!!..LOL!!!....
Tight lines and Big Dreams fella's!!
PS...Mike,..you don't want to waste that opportunity fishing with ME!!!!...I'm flattered, but trust me,...I'm waaayyy over-rated,..just ask Mini!!..LOL
Sorry, Mac, I can't give you one answer.

For conversation: Any of the US ex-presidents would be great.

For nostalgia: My Uncle Bob took me fishing on Long Island Sound when I was a youngster, maybe 8 or 9 years old. We were in a small, hand tilled aluminum boat. It got rough and rocky on the way back in, and he got soaked (I was in the bow and the spray was going over me and right to him...I remember laughing with delight all the way). My parents had split up, and in restrospect, I realize he was trying to provide some father-figure time for me. Hope I can take him out in my boat some day and say thank you.
I agree with you Mac. I would have to pick Johnny Morris as well. Actually would love to go with him and George Bush Sr. on one of their fishing trips.
I would have to say my Father. He wasn't a fisherman when he was alive, he found it to be boring. That was well before I started to fish alot. He passed when I was 15 years old and I was heavily into baseball and football at that time.

I was lucky enough to have him see me play football in high school only once (he worked afternoons). It was my sophomore year and he took the day off to see me play. Of course mother nature wasn't too nice, we had tornado warnings that day. Nevertheless we played the game and as usual I did not leave the field, called the coin flip, kicked off and snapped on punts outside my normal duties as captain on the defense (middle linebacker) and center on offense. My Dad was the only fan in the stands for a raod game. He never even thought of leaving despite the warning sirens....

I had an outstanding game making over 25 tackles on defense, recovered a fumble and even kicked a kickoff through the uprights (wind aided of course). I will never forget how proud my Dad was that day. Unfortunately that was the last time he had seen me play any sport as he passed away about 6 weeks later.

Since that day and every other "accomplishment" that I have had either in sports, fishing or my personal and professional life I think of him in those stands with 45 MPH winds....and how proud he was, and would have been, to see me in my glory(s).

If I couldnt talk the old man into going, I think I would want to fish with Ted Williams......I admired him almost as much as my Dad....


Dont cut yourself short....you know you would have won a few Big Bass awards the last few years if I would have stayed home...;o)


PS Mac really is a good stick, he just needs to beleive it....
Most of my fishing is with my wife and kids, so I'd settle for anyone who can bait their own hook and take off their own fish...LOL
I think that if I had to choose someone that I normally would not have the opportunity to fish with, it would have to be Denny Brauer. I had the opportunity to meet Denny a few years back, before the Wheaties box and all the fame. He was still very successful, but none the less, he was real down to earth and humble person. Asides from being dubbed the master of the jig, which coincidentally is my confidence bait, I believe he represents what bass fishing is all about. Other than that Ray Scott, that man is up there with John Morris, he most assuredly had vision for the sport.
I would have like to have taken a ride with Dale Earnhardt. If the fishing was slow, he would make up for it with the ride....
Too bad he's passed away!...I'd pick the original TV fisherman...Roscoe Vernon Gaddis...ole Gadabou Gaddis if you can remember him! I loved watching him when I was a kid! Has fishing changed since he filmed his shows!!!!................................Since Scott hasn't responded to this yet, everyone on the board knows he would pick Penny Berryman!!
Fer Pete's sake, Mike, gimme a chance....... Hm-m-m......... Now who WOULD I pick....... It's tough..... There are SO many people...... Like I'd love to get out with Mac 'n Mini - if they wouldn't use me for chum..... It would be fun to spend a day with Rich Stern and John Foster...... I've taken my father fishing on several ocassions already..... I'm with you, Bob, Dale Earnhart and Neal Bonnett would be right up there, too - I just don't want to have to join them on THEIR fishin' hole..... Not just yet anyway.... But just one person, that's REALLY hard..... Geez, I guess I would have to say Penny Berryman!

And by the way, Penny..... Should you happen to read this post...... And, should you happen to be anywhere near Truman Lake on Easter weekend...... I'll be there to fish with Rich, John, Chris and anyone else who happens to show up....... Just IF you happen to be in the area........

I'd have to agree with Bob, only as long as we're wishin'........Dale Earnhardt, Neil Bonnett, and Hank Parker. And the good sense to keep my mouth shut, learn and enjoy.
My late Grandmother, who taught me to bass fish. As far as living legends, I would love to spend a day bass fishing with Jimmy Houston. He laughs nearly as much as I do.
Thats easy, my ex-wife, she would also have to wear these nice lead shoes I made for her ;)....

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