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Ron Perry

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Feb 7, 2001
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Hey guys, I finished 6th in the Illinois Bass ferderation Top 100 tournament at Rend Lake on the low side. I won some money and had an excellent time doing it. After putting two fish in the boat before the boater I was fishing with even had one fish, he fronted me the rest of the day, even when he would say "we got to get you a third fish". Oh well I gues he just did not want to be out done by his none boater., next year after I have had a chance to learn the waters we fish I will be taking my Nitro and won't have to put up with those tactics anymore. On to Savanah, IL and the Mississippi next month. Good Fishing .

Congratulations on your finish!!!
If you were fishing a Federation Tournament you should not have the probelm of being backseated. The fed rules state equal time on the front of the boat on each anglers water.

Go get um the rest of the year.
Mark I know about that rule, but not knowing the waters at all I really did not feel I had the right to ask for the front of the boat when fishing his spots all day. And besides when I take my boat I will not be just handing over the control of it to someone I don't know. I will put my boat in position for him to have the best opportunity to catch fish, and if he that is a problen with the IBF the the hell with them I can go fish SuperBass. I have a fellow club member that had his new Ranger badly damaged by letting the non-boater have control of his boat. He is not fishing now because his boat is being repaired, I did not step up to the plate and spend the money to buy a new bassboat to let someone else damage it and I would not expect some else to let me run theirs, especially if I did not know the dangers in the waters we were fishing.
WOW,..you guys let other guys "run" your boats??!!,...We let someone have the trolling motor for their 4 hours if they so choose,......but NOBODY'S driving my boat unless I know and trust them!! It's always been an unwritten rule up here that the boat owner does t he driving,....but the trolling motor time is shared if the rider wants 4 hrs.
Ron & Mac,

That was my intention to the statement, run the T-motor
not the big motor, no way would i let someone run my boat
I meant the equal time up front. Ron I did not mean to come accross improper it is just I have experianced what you stated in being backseated sometimes ya gotta call um to the carpet. Congrats Again.