I lost my key for the boat, what now?

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Nov 12, 2000
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Well, I am officially a moron. I seem to have lost my key to operate the pro 17 with 40horse evinrude. It is a 1990. What do I do? Who would I contact in order to get the correct key. All I know, is nextime I get a key, i am making a copy of it the second I get it.
Hi Mike,...bummer you lost your keys!!,,Been there man!!..LOL Go to your dealer,..he should have a set of master keys...you have to try them all and just hope it's not the LAST one!..LOL
there will be a code on that key and he can order one or you can get it cut somewhere. Not a problem,...good luck.
Done that with an older boat made by a company out of business. No blanks, no codes, no nothing. I ended up replacing the ignition and made sure I got a spare key with the new ignition. It was fairly cheap ($50 or so). Not as cheap as a key though.
Someone told me one time: make at least two sets of keys. One that is for the boat and another set you carry in your towing vehicle (so if you forget your boat set, you'll have that extra set at the ramp). I did and it sure paid off for me. I went one step further and made an extra towing vehicle keys and keep it one the boat in case I lock my original set in the vehicle. With all that in mind, I made and extra set of each and keep them at home. Fishing time is precious and I don't want to fight battles at the ramp. I figured I have myself covered 8 ways to Sunday!!
Mike, if you can't get a replacement key, the boat makes a lovely planter. I recommend azelias and hollyhocks, both of which are very hardy. :)

I'm sure somebody can replace the key. Worst case, a locksmith can work wonders, although it will be more expensive.
I agree with mac and Mal I have a spear truck,boat,and house Tied under my truck and tied in the wiring harness of my boat, and extra keys in my house. But i did fish all last year without a spear tire. Best of Luck Billy