I Did Another Dumb Thing - Gator Mount!!!

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Chris Snider

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Apr 10, 2001
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If you guys don't know my name by now, you probably will soon! As I mentioned before, I purchased my first boat a few weeks ago (Nitro 2000DC) and have done some pretty stupid "newbie" stuff! Luckily, I haven't really damaged anything or anyone yet (thank God)...

Anyway, last Saturday I took off on the outboard and forgot to pull up the bow mounted trolling motor! I was so concerned with the wind blowing me into the shorline that I didn't even think about it. Shortly (I mean seconds) after taking off, me and my occupants were surprised with a VERY LARGE splash of water in our face from the trolling motor being down! It was pretty funny, actually. Until I noticed that the GatorMount was loose.

I decided to call it a day. I tightened the GatorMount screws when I got home and I think it'll be just fine. It appears to be just as tight as it previously was, but it doesn't sit down as close to the deck as before. Here's my questions... Do the mounting screws for these GatorMounts just "expand" the rubber grommets into the figerglass hull, which holds the mount to the deck? They don't actually screw into the hull, do they? Could I just remove all screws, be sure all rubber grommets are in the holes securely, then screw the screws back into the deck?

Any help or similar stories (to make me feel less stupid) are welcome...
There are only two types of people on this board...those who have done what you did, and those who will. Don't feel badly, we've all done it.
Sarge, the previous owner of my Nitro did the same thing. There are a couple of deformities in the shaft of the TM where he straightened it out, and a couple of stress cracks near the TM mount. I look at it this way: I won't feel as bad when I inevitably get around to doing the same thing!
Sarge...I can't help you with the mounting, I have a Targa 18 so my trolling motor mounts into plywood. But, don't feel bad, I have done the same thing more than once. As long as no one was hurt is the main thing. It's just part of owning a boat. Have fun!
Well... Thanks guys! At least it doesn't appear that I hurt anything (or anyone, as cookie said)...

On a different note, I also want to say that I was very happy to see this website when I was planning on purchasing this boat. I appreciate everyone's help (and positive comments) and I'll surely be a new regular here... Hopefully, I'll even be able to contribute from time to time!

Anyways... Thanks again. Oh yeah, please let me know if anyone has any information on that GatorMount... Of course, I'll just pull it apart and play with it in the next few days anyway... See, I have a habit of tearing things up, so I'm waiting to see if someone will say "DON'T UNSCREW THE MOUNTING SCREWS" before I do it...

I'll try to have a picture of the boat up soon... It's a beauty... I'm like a little kid when it comes to new toys!
Thumper -

If you have the grommets I think you have.......

They are kind of "T" shaped. There is a large, rectangular piece of rubber at the top which sits between the mount and your hull. The mount will be about 1/4" above and never touch the hull. The rest of the grommet is a long, hollow, rubber shaft with a nut at the end. The screw runs through this and, as you tighten it, causes the rubber to mushroom and hold the assembly firmly in place.

Hope this answers your questions!

Don't worry Thump, I'll have my first boat in less than 2 weeks (I hope). I'm sure I'll do it too. I bet I'll do it all you name it. If it's dumb, I'll do it. The best part will be enjoying a good laugh when I share them with all of you guys.

Thanks guys... Marke, that's exactly what I was looking for... Cool... It seems that the rubber grommets pulled out, but nothing is damages. Thank God they attach that way instead of screwing into the fiberglass... I'm sure it wouldn't stripped the holes and that would've been bad...

Thanks again.