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Rich Stern

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Feb 26, 2000
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Some of you have read posts where I have talked about my wife, Jeanne, and I fishing together. When I first decided to get a bass boat, she was indifferent. After a few times out fishing, she was hooked. Nowadays, I get a frown when I announce a fishing outing that doesn't include her.

This morning, we're sitting at the table having breakfast, and she says to me: "Can we go to Bass Pro today? I need another spinning rod."

Sorry, guys, she's taken.
But Rich we all want your problem no matter how much I love and adore the little Lady!!!!!! I get maybe three to four trips out of her a year

Hey Rich that's not a problem, it's a gift! So with all due respect.... SHUT UP! LOL. I only wish my wife were like that. She supports my fishing, but if I could get here in tune like that, I could clean house in partner tourneys.
Hell guys, my wife was the force behind my last three new boats, and the boats are all named after her: Annies Rival, 1, 2, 3 and we are now on #4!!She has even fished the last tow open tournaments with me as my partner!!! She goes with me prefishing every tournament!! I am the South Dokata BASS Federation tournament director, and she is there for every one of them, helping me with the weigh ins!! Now, lets here you all top that one!!!
My wife is also very supportive of my fishing. She too was behind my last 2 boats and supports me 100%. Unfortunatley she doesn't like to fish tournaments, but likes to go out with for the day and prefish. I have even gotten her to back the trailer in. But the best part is when ever she goes to Wal Mart she always buys me plastics and lures. The best part is they are always ones I need or thought about buying. Well tight lines everyone.

Rob L
O.K. you guys are making me sick. I love my wife, but hey, if she would learn to back the trailer in....them she would assuredly get more roses! LOL Only thing left is someone who'w wife gasses up the boat and waxes it the night before. The conversation could be misunderstood. We are only making observations here. My wife does go hunting with me, but cries everytime I shoot something. It's bitter/sweet!
Rich -

Just don't let her find out about the Women's Professional Tour......

I've got mine backing in the trailer now...
But, I just can't get her to clean any fish!!!
I tell her that I would score HUGE points with the guys if I could just tell them that my wife filets all my bluegills...NO DICE!


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