How to Clean Up Hull of Tracker Pro 17?

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Timothy Hanford

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May 16, 2001
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I have a 1995 Tracker Pro 17 and want to use some kind of cleaner for the outside aluminum. I don't want the shine that the other guy has on his Tracker, man that's bright, just want to remove the dull look a little. Is there a compound or cleaner out there that is good for this?
Flitz will clean it up really well without getting the shine like mine. It will remove the corrosion well and add a little shine. Day to day cleaning use Glass Plus or other NON-AMMONIA glass cleaner. If your plan to keep the aluminum "stock" use Carnuba wax on the hull and bottom EXCLUDING the pad. I also highly recommend Formula 303 Aerospace Cleaner. It's like a higher tech versian of Armorall but has an SPF 40 rating for items affected by sunlight fade. It is also good for using on the hull. Many glass boat guys use it instead of wax.

Good Luck

Kenji, could you explain what you mean by the pad. I don't quite get what you mean. I don't want to guess as to what you are refering to. I found that Mothers Brand aluminum polish works great on the gunnels also. Good fishing, Spanky.
The pad is about the last 1/4 of your hull (The only part touching the water at full speed). This can be seen pretty clear on the faster glass boats like a Ranger's and Nitro's. Offshore racers will actually sand their pad to break the suction of the water traveling down the hull. I have talked to guys and they actually LOST speed when they waxed the entire bottom. As soon as they roughed up the pad, they gained 1-2 mph. I'm not sure what increase a tracker will get due to our slower speed.

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