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Greg L

Apr 23, 2001
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Ok, did I miss this one like I missed the spare tire? Is there no horn on the Pro Deep V-16?

I've not found one on mine. Don't think they come with one.

John K.
Greg, No horn on your boat? That's terrible. I'm sure your laws are similar to ours in that you must either have a horn or a whistle on your boat while on public waters. I once got ticketed for not having a horn on my previous boat. I went out and spent a $1.50 for a whistle and never got stopped again. You would think that your boat would come with a horn.....I guess tracker wants their owners to put one in.
Greg, No there is no horn. Yes you have to have some sort of warning device in a 16 foot boat or longer. I use a rechargeble air horn. You just fill it with air from a pump and boy is it loud. I have never understood why Tracker doesn't put horns on the boats. Al's whistle will work too.

Greg...No horn on my Targa 18 either. I just have a whistle on a neck strap by my console. "Cookie"
wasnt one on mine,but $40 later,got a nice set of air horns!!!scared a few DEC wardens on lake ontario a few yrs ago..said goodbye and left,never asked for the manual bailing device or fire ext. after that...

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