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Bruce Moore

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Aug 4, 2000
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I'm tellin' ya guys and gals, it's getting harder and harder to keep up with the goins' on of the board if you miss a few days.

Rich, sorry I was only in Atlanta for 2 half days. Can I have a raincheck on Lanier?

Ron, Good luck, and be careful with the ole ticker until your surgery.

Scott, you'll always be 6'2" to all of the rest of us.

Barb, please don't get Doug in enough trouble with his wife that he has to leave Missouri. Tracker could never find someone as good as he is.

I gotta go FISHIN' !!!!!!!

Yeah right Scott, that's not a college ID. You can almost make out the header you conviently cropped out. Something like Branson PD right? Scott, AKA "Shorty" the gangster. LOL sorry Scott. That one was too easy.
Actually, Rob...... It wasn't until 3 years later, in 1971, at age 21, that I had my first run-in with the law........

"Uh-h-h-h...... Geez, Officer....... I dunknow...... Where DID that Purple Haze come from?"