has your motor guide done this yet??

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Eric B

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Mar 1, 2001
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Date: March 31st 2000
Time: 12:30pm
Place: ON THE LAKE !!!!!!

Been fishing all mornin long, planed on stayin till 3 or so, temps in the
50's, water temp 43 degrees, partly sunny, calm waters. Great day, sure
if I had caught some fish would have been better but I did enjoy myself
till this happend!

Got my spinner caught on a tree limb, ($6.00 Terminator), was NOT goin to
lose it when I can troll up to it and retreive it. Well, next time I'll paddle up
to it and raise my trolling motor. I got it wedged between two rocks i didnt
notice, tried turning cause wind was pushin me. Well, the peddle turned
but the motor did not. Couldnt turn motor at all, just sat there in one place while I
turned the foot pedle.

Its a 2000 Tracker Motor Guide 40, 43lb thrust on the standard cheap

I get home, call dealer, get told would be 3 weeks. NOT, I've got a tourny
on April 14th. I'll fix it my self if I can. Well, I get the covor off, (the top,not
motor it self), looked at it for 10 minuets and noticed an allen set screw
in the main gear which is connected to the shaft. This gear sits on a
bearing set. Well, find out, the set screw came loose which the shaft had
play in it since I bought it. Well I took channel locks to it, tightened it up
and tightend the set screw, FIXED.

Sorry for the long post, wanted to get the details in incase anyone else
had the same thing happen. Took me bout 1/2 hour once I figured it out.

Happy fishin all!
has been
Thanks Eric, sounds like this might be something to add to my annual maintenance schedule, check and torque the set screws in the trolling motor...
All i've got to say is BEEN THERE, DONE THAT MANY TIMES!!!!! buy a tour edition... they have a twin cable push pull steering... not a rack/pinion

Maybe you can take a few photots and add it to the "grab bag".

One question about the dealer. Would they have covered it under any type of warranty? You may have saved more than time, it could have cost some money. What would have taken 3 weeks, a repair or replacement? Sorry that's 2 questions.

my dad bought a tracker series motorguide 60-something lbs as a replacement on his stratos...first tournament, that exact thing happened to him...i don't have to worry about that on my boat, i run a Minn Kota