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Lee Morrison

Jul 30, 2000
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Just wondering what you guys are paying fuel from the big refineries. premium is going for around $2.00 for gallon here in the Ca. bay area.
So where should I move to.
Keep your bottoms wet. Lee M.
$1.899 for mid-grade here in St. Louis yesterday....... Over $30 to fill the tank in my Jeep....... Back in 1968, driving my '63 Volkswagon Beetle, I still remember that I paid only $2.37 the first time I had to fill the tank in my own car!

Around 1.50 for regular (87 octane) here in Oklahoma City Metro area.

John K.
Here in Memphis lowest I've seen is 1.45 at Costco, 1.51 at one Exxon but most are at about 1.57 and higher for regular grade.
Gas here in Northern Michigan is $1.97 for regular and $2.17 for premium.
In NY we pay $1.71 for 87 and about $1.98 for 90. Makes you really back of the throttle!
Yep, back to the Ol' Neon for me, the RAM sits in the
driveway except for fishing trips. It's $1.59 for 89
octane and rising in Central Texas.
Tellya what,...if it hits $3/gal (even 2.50 for that matter) it'll really affect the tournaments this summer,....people just can't afford it anymore!....You fill up a boat and your truck and toss in an entry're down $200-250 before you get to the ramp!! That's AFTER licenses, insurance, boat paymnt's, tackle,...etc..etc...this sport is getting TOOOOO expensive!! Might have to start fishing for more walleye and eating them to justify the $$$!!!
You guys with the aluminum boats and small motors are the smart ones!!..LOL...I'll leave my 901 in the garage and hook up with you!!!
I just paid 1.67 for 87 octane this morning.
It looks like we are about average. In Springfield, Missouri we are at $1.65-$1.70
I hear ya Mac. That is why I went with the rig that I bought. I should still be able to afford to run it. Between the truck and the boat gas tanks on the rigs that you tourney boys run I wouldn't be able to afford to fill them both.I will be paying $2.07 for the 87 octane here in Chicagoland. Good luck to all.

Let's just put it simply, IT'S TOO MUCH wherever you are!!! Where ya at Mike W. In Joliet, $2.01 for reg, $2.19 for premium. We must be closer to the refinery, that's why it's so much here. :eek:) OK, now figure in the average weight of 5 fish you would catch, add up the cost of a tank of gas for boat and vehicle, and now divide the total cost of gas by the weight of fish. Looks like I'll be fishing at the local grocery store for fish since I can't afford the price per pound the other way.

Who's making money on this deal? I'd like to meet these people and have a word with them!

Hey Barb, I'm in Park Ridge and another guy on this board that goes by the name Essox lives up the street from me. What areas do you go fishing at Barb?

Save those pennies for gas and bait!

The US is the only country in the world building gas guzzling vehicles for consumers. This was going to happen one day, since the US has enjoyed paying much less for fuel than any other country in the world.

So the price goes up, we dig a little deeper, grumble while pumping and be greatful we are not paying over $6 a gal like the folks in the UK have been doing.


No doubt Cass,...and not only do they pay $6/gal in the UK,...they have lousey food and fish for Carp!! LOL
....but on the other hand,..they have Elizabeth Hurley and we don't!!!
Yeeeaaah Baby!!!...

But at least our dental programs are

I am so glad I got an Opti....

Remember that the $6/gal UK price is made from the same $30/barrel oil that we use. Their government (and other European governments) decided that paying $1.00/gal for the product and $5.00/gal for taxes was appropriate.
Columbus Ohio, 1.78 for ECONOMY..... In Michigan, north Detroit, as
at least 1.89 for the CHEAP stuff!

Leave it to the Demicrates and the tree huggers.. cut our drilling off, stop
us from building refineries and make our gas SMELL worse by putting
in additives that dont do a damn thing!

The Mid West is worse since Clinton put new EPA standards on our gas.

We need tax cuts on gas, they dont use it right anyways!

Sorry I got political there!


I remember when McHenry county was cheaper than Cook co for gas, but that is not the case anymore. Boy am I glad I have the 5.0 liter in my Explorer with the geared down rear end. I top out about 14 mpg with out pulling the boat. But I am sure there are some worse off than me. I heard the Excursion get less than 10 mpg.
Mac -

I don't know how in the world your mind connected Elizabeth Hurley to the price of gas........

But you're right about one thing...... "Yeeeaaah Baby!!!"

My mind is a beautiful thing,....and so is she!!,...So leave me alone!!...PPppppPPPPp
Scott, Everyone is entitled to a dream mascot, you have yours and Mac has his. LOL
Damn we are limited to only one dream mascot? What am I going to to do with all these Hooters girls????



(OK.... So there is Mr. Berryman.........)
Like I said "dream" so you can have as many as you can handle. LOL
$1.75 for 87octane in Southern NH. Boat and truck combo totaled $110. I don't think I'll be heading up to Champlain to see Rob anytime soon. It looks like local trips and a lot of trolling motor usage unless prices come down soon. I'm going to VT this weekend and that's only cuz I promised my buddy back in March that he'd be the first non-family member on the new boat.


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