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Rob LaMoy

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Mar 19, 2001
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I hope you brought your hook setting arm. Before you come, pick up loads of Zooms 3" or maybe it's 3 1/2" fat albert grubs in watermelon seed and pumpkin. Plus a mess of 1/4oz grub jigs and any good garlic spray. I prefer Bang. We killed 'em this weekend. Landed 2 smallies over 5lbs. Haven't beat 6lb to send to the lunker page of bassmaster yet, but the season is still young. When you get up here, give me a call Sat night from a payphone. (518) 561-2359. We can arrange to meet somewhere. If you're on the lake Sat our weigh in is at the Chazy river boat launch right at the mouth in King's bay. It's on any map. I think weigh in is either 2pm or 3pm. I have a silver on gray tf 1800 with red stripes. Back of my engine says "Kiss This". I also have a late model blue dakota with a dark blue cap. I think I gave you a price before. FORGET that. Let's just go fishin'. Love to fish with some folks from the board and ride in that beast of yours. Anyhow, give me a shout.