Fluorocarbon line?

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Staci Matheis

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Oct 13, 2000
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Any of you ever spool a reel completely with Fluorocarbon line? How did it perform? Is it too stiff on spinning outfits? Castability?

I use it as leader material when I'm trout fishing; but since it's relatively inexpensive in large spools, I though I might give it a try......

Hey Scott,

I've tried a few diferent ones (Berkley fireline and Berkley Gorilla Braid)on baitcasters only. I personally didn't like either of them. I could not cast as far and the knots slipped. I've had bites and went to set the hook and got nothing but string come flying back at me with out the slightest bit of pressure. I also believe in such a thing as to much power in a hook set. With no stretch in the line I believed I ripped out a lot of hooks while setting and lost a lot of fish.

I love my good ol' Berkley Trelene.

Uh, Marke...... "Fluorocarbon"...... Not braids! :^)

On one of my trout rods - one set for BIG fish - I have 10# Fireline and tip it with a 6 or 8# fluorocarbon leader. Started carrying this after I lost a 45 minute fight on 4# mono with a brownie that we estimated to be 29 or 30 inches and 16 or 17 pounds! Actually, I didn't lose the fight - it was a "legal catch" 'cuz I got to the leader...... I just couldn't land the fish - He was as big around as the net!

So now, when I fish the really deep holes or the very dark areas under overhangs, I use the "heavy" outfit! (Even though I really prefer 2 or 4# test.)

Since you can buy a whole 250 yard spool of 6# fluorocarbon line for the same price you pay for a 30 yard thimble of fluorocarbon leader..... And I figure they are probably exactly the same thing....... I just might try spooling up all the way with the fluorocarbon on the one rod!

So then what's fluorocarbon? I've given up on paying attention to new "super lines" due to my past negative experiences.
Fluorocarbon "looks" like mono - but it has a "refractivity index" very close to that of water so that it "disappears". It also has a higher abrasion resistance than mono - but the downside is that it is somewhat stiffer.

I would guess that it has been around now for about 7 or 8 years. At first it was very expensive and only available in the 30 yard leader material spools. I know that I started seeing it at fly fishing shops first. Then I started seeing people on the salt water fishing shows using it for leader in the 30 to 50# weights.

Now it is available in 250 yard spools, 6# and up, for a little more than premium mono - about 10 bux for the BPS variety. Heck! I was paying that for a 30 yeard spool just a couple years ago and STILL have to pay that for the 1, 2 and 4# test! (Unless someone knows of a source!)

Scott, I think we talked about this in Missouri. I am pretty much abandoning mono on spinning reels in favor of Spiderline Fusion. It just handles much better than mono and is much more resistant to twist. The downside is that it only comes in "Ghost Green", so it's probably more visible to the fish. But the 10lb. stuff has 6lb. diameter, so it's thin. It's not as fussy to work with as braid, and the 10lb rating is absolutely lowball. It's easily the equal of good 12 or 14lb mono. I started using the 12lb. Fusion with flourocarbon leader for the Carolina rig, and it's part of what has finally helped me get the hang of it. You feel everything with this stuff.

Frankly, I don't understand why Fusion isn't more popular. Anybody else using it?
Just my opinion but I won a package of Berkley fluro in a tourney last year and I really didn't care for it at all. Hard to tie good knots, bad memory, (the line not me!), just didn't like the overall performance. I opted for Stren sensor. Great stuff! Just my 2 cents