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Sep 5, 2019
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north east ks.
not good at posting pics. I bought at yard sale a fishing rod and reel $2 the reel is in the bottom of the rod handle . it is a round ball about 4 inches in diameter the line goes thru the handle and comes out at a convient place for finger control. the reel is like an open face enclosed in the ball. wind up is normal , to cast the handle is turned sharply in reverse . this opens the bail. after a 2 hour cleanup it seems to work fine. anyone know anything about this ?
I am intrigued. A picture would help. Does the line come out of the rod blank at your fingers and then into the guides? Is this mainly for panfish? Any name or manufacturer info would be helpful too. Sounds like a neat find.
Does it look like this? This is a Great Lakes Whirlaway 75. The company was based in Detroit, Michigan.


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