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Rich D

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Apr 30, 2001
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Do any of you folks keep a fishing log? If so, I would be interested in knowing the different formats and types of information you record.

Rich D
Would you guys be interested in an online fishing log function, at this (or a related) web site?
I think that would be an excellent idea. Man, I don't care what Mac and Scott say about you. You are smarter than a fence post! Kidding,LOL. You keep up with these ideas and everyone's going to buy a Tracker/Nitro just to be on the board.
I use an HP Jornada and an excel spreed sheet that I put together with: date, time, water, temp, location, structure, presentation, lure & color. I input info during lunch so I don't forget.
Rich -

I don't EVER recall comparing your IQ to that of a fence post........ I did once, just once, make a remark about a salamander - but never a fence post.

Uhhhm,..Scott,.,...I believe you said,.."Salamander ON a fence post!".....and Rich,..I totally disagreed with Scott's description!! LOL
OK, guys, I'll try to remember all of this the next time one of you forgets your password. :)