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Mike Watson

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Mar 1, 2000
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Well boys and girls, we tested the boat this weekend. First the things that I found wrong. One marker light on trailer is burn out. Also the paddle wheel for the speed on the fishfinder was mounted too high so it doesn't read. That's all folks. Everything else worked like a dream. The 60hp coughed a little at startup and occasionally when I brought the throttle down from a higher speed. I assume that is from the extra oil for break in. Otherwise this motor runs so much smoother than my last 60hp.

The boat handles awsome. Drove around the lake for the first hour varying my speed while my teenage son tried to catch up on his sleep in the bottom of the boat. It is one tight feeling boat. The 67lb trolling motor hauls butt and we hardly used any juice during the day. This rig is a pure joy to drive and fish from. I think I found the perfect boat for me.

Now most importantly, the first fish slime has entered the boat. We were after crappies and perch because that is all that is open in Wisconsin. I had a healthy 22 inch Northern Pike hook onto my perch jig.(CPR'd) They are a lot of fun on an ultra-light with 4lb test. Perch started hitting so fast we couldn't keep up. After lunch all the fish went home and we couldn't catch a thing. So we got to break in the livewell with the perch and we broke in the minnow bucket with the bait. All in all a great day had by Father, Son and new boat.
Hope everyone else had a great one.

Howdy Mike,

I agree, this boat handles great and is a sheer joy to drive. I also broke in the livewell and baitwell as well. We caught a few crappie and a couple of channel cats on Sunday. I also was very please with how well it handled the rougher water (it's been pretty windy here in Oklahoma for the last month straight). Fortunately for me, I saw no mechanical issues so far. However, my buddy did help me "break in" the boat real good..."break" being the operative word here (see my other msg board post for details).

Glad to hear your trip and maiden voyage were both enjoyable and successful.

John K.

By the way, a good friend of mine who lives in Ladysmith WI, says he's catching sucker and redhorse up there now (this Okie isn't sure what either one of those are but sure sounds like fun nonetheless).
Glad to hear you are happy with your boat. Remember to check your plugs after break-in. They will tend to foul. Have fun with that MG motor too. I have one on a glass boat, and it lasts all day. Have fun and remember, catch and release, for your son's sake.
Glad to hear you had fun.. For those who are regulars on this board it turns out Mike lives only Blocks away from me. We met up and shared some information last Friday. Mike The Coho were on fire Saturday off Waukegan. Lots of small boats out there too. Trollin Cranks Walleye Style worked for me. The new Rodholders (Ram Rod ) were OK still need to get used to them. If anyone else fishes Northern Illinois/ Southern Wisconsin Lets trade some hotspots!!
Essox, glad to hear you had a great day too. I had wondered if you had gone out to the big lake. When we went by the Chain in the morning it was already busy. We went to Twin Lakes and there were maybe five boats on the water. It was great.

Rob, thanks for the suggestion on the plugs. I cleaned them when we got back. I still have some break-in gas to use before I can run the cleaner stuff. I also agree 100% on the catch, photo and release and have gotten my son believing in it too. We took a lot of photos of the fish and only kept a few perch for a dinner.

Have a good one all!

You guys going out this weekend? I picked up my Pro Deep V-16 today, and really want to get it wet. I heard the Fox and the Chain are a nightmare on the weekends. I was going to try Loon Lake. Have you ever been there? Well if you want a good laugh, tell me where you are going to be, and you can watch me back the boat down a ramp. I will probally make the list this weekend.

Hey Greg,

I had the exact same thoughts on the boat ramp thing. Fortunately for me, I took it real slow and easy backing down and did just fine. It was my first time and I have absolutely no experience pulling/backing trailers at all.

Also, I did a complete walk around (twice), running through my "rig for lake" procedure (i.e., safety strap off, plug in, transom tied downs off, winched strap still secured to hook, electronics in place, transom saver off, motor tilted safely up, trailer lights unhooked (optional), etc.). Top it all off, I was so excited to be on the water in my new Pro Deep-V 16 that I lost track of time and ended up loading in the dark. Needless to say, this was also my first time to ever load a boat as well. Adding to matters, the wind was kicking up around 25 mph yet, I loaded with no problems.

Long story short, If I could do it in those conditions and manage not to make "the list", then you'll do just fine I'm sure.

Good fishing and God bless,

John K.
Greg, Sorry, I won't be able to enjoy the entertainment that you will provide launching your boat. My son is being confirmed this weekend so no fishing for me. As far as the Chain goes, it does get busy on the weekend. It is not in full swing yet but it will be soon and then it is a parade at the launch ramps. If you do go, the State Park has a very nice launch and it is free. You will need a sticker to go out on the Chain. One year is at least $60.00, I think they also have dailys. I have never been to Loon lake so if you go, let us know how it is.

As far as the launching and loading go. Take care of as much stuff before you get into the launching lanes, i/e taking the cover off, loading the boat etc. You only want to have to unhook it at the ramp and not much else. People get a little testy otherwise. I made myself a list and would go through it until it all became second nature.DON'T FORGET TO PUT THE DRAIN PLUG IN! Then just go slow and try to remain calm. If you have any questions, email me, the Chain is where I learned to launch. If nothing else, you learn quick there.

Good luck,