Exceeding Recomended hp?

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Justin Arellano

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Sep 19, 2001
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I have an 88 Tracker V-17 with a 60hp merc. I found a very

good deal on a 150hp motor. My boat is rated for 80hp.

Would it be impossible or just nuts to put a 150hp on my boat? I wouldn't do it without renforcing the transom of

course. The real question would be can the transom be

renforced enough with a reasonable amount of work and money.

Also, would this motor just be to large with respect to hp and/or weight? If anyone has any knowledge or input of any

kind, please let me know. Thankyou
My vote is: Nuts!

I think it would be reasonable if you had said you found a 90hp, but you are tempting fate with 150hp. Assuming you could beef up the boat so the transom didn't buckle, you would probably have dangerous handling problems as the big motor lifts the boat too far out of the water.
The increased weight of the 150 over an 80 is where your really gonna run into trouble. You just might find out that your boat won't float a 150. Plus all the other problems up to and including liability if your in an accident on the water. Not worth the possibilities my friend, let this deal go.

Todd C.
Your insurance company won't pay off if your overstated in the HP department.
You WILL destroy your transom! Take it from someone that knows. Found out the hard way, when I was younger and stupid! That max HP is there for a reason. But give me the details on the 150, I might be interested!