Does anybody still use the chat room????

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John Foster

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Feb 29, 2000
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Hi everyone, it's been a while. Work has had me swamped for the past month.

Just wondering if anybody was still using the chat room. If you are, what time is the best to meet up with you??

HI John.......I click on 'Chat Room' every now and then, but when I see the indication that no one is in the room I tend to not hang around and return back to the message board. I still wish we coud see the 'members in chat room ' indication on the main page of the message board , so while checking out messages you could see if anyone joins the chat and then meet them there. Will try a little more often now, but PC time is a bit less now that its Fishing Season! Mike
Hey John,

I always peek, but there's usually no one there. I'm usually on between 9:30 and 11:00 pm EST after Jill and the boys are in bed. I'll start checking more often.


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