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Tom Jones

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Mar 24, 2001
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Hey guys and gals,
I've got a Tracker Wide Eye (Hummingbird) LCR that just went on the fritz (it's always something). Was working fine, then lost the depth number and bottom. Everything else still shows on the screen as usual, even the zero line at the top still crawls by, but no # or bottom. I checked the depth range, zoom, and all other entries and they were where they should be. I checked the transducer and it was still firmly attached and the cable looked ok. Connections looked ok.
Do I have a bad transducer?
How can I check to see if the depthfinder itself isn't bad without sending it to the factory?
Same for the transducer?
Does anyone know an internet address for Hummingbird or a phone # for tech questions?
This unit had to be sent back a few months after I bought it with the boat new in 1994 and I don't want to put any more money into a piece of crap again. I'd rather buy a different brand that's going to work if I'm going to have to put much money into fixing this one.
Any advice would be appreciated!!
Tom...I'm taking mine off my boat. It seems that unit is only good as a depth finder. I installed a Garmin 240 on my trolling motor a year ago and it is spectacular. The detail is awesome! I am now installing a 2nd Garmin 240 at the helm. A really good sonar unit is worth the $$. Good luck! Cookie
Go to
You may find what you are looking for...especially in their "clearance" aisle.
Tom, I have a Humminbird Wide Vision that is the same way. I has Lowrance all my life, and this H-Bird came on the Nitro I now own, and I think it is the worst depthfinder I have ever had.
Mine loses the depth, gets all kind of crazy readings, jumping from 12 to 130 to 50 etc. I have tried every adjustment, shutting off auto features, checked all wire and cables, sgut off all other electronics, nothing works.

Get rid of it, that's what I am going to do. I am looking at the X-85, they are very nice units.
I think you all just answered an on-going delima I've been having as to what brand/type of electronics I'm going to put up front on my Pro Deep-V 16. I have heard nothing but good about Garmin and I was looking at the model 160 with a T/M transducer & mount. Looks like this might be the one to go with.

John K.
dont forget to compare to the Lowrance/Eagle line of units. They get my personal recommendation....


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