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Malcolm Smoot

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Oct 7, 2000
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For what it is worth, I have has asked this question a number of times (on other boards)and have not got a satisfactory answer. Help me out if you can. First, let me explain this. I clean alot of fish throughout the year and use an electric filet knife (I give away alot of fish to people who like to ear fish but are unable to get out and fish). Thus, my skill with a hand knife is poor. What I am looking for is a cordless filet knife that I can use on my fly-in trip up north. If you look at it, we have cordless for everything else, why not a filet knife. I just know there has to be some out there. Can anyone help me out as what brand(s) there is/are and where I can be purchased? By the way, went fishing Friday and caught and kept about 50 crappie (lost a bunch and threw some back). Went yesterday and caught about 30. Total for both days included about a dozen 9 inchers and the rest were between 10 and 12 inches. Another reason for getting out was to check the boat out and it worked great. Ready to get back in the groove as soon as the weather cooperates a little more.
Mal -

Years ago I was taught a method to filet bluegill that I have used to this day that is so simple it doesn't require an electric knife - and I can filet about 60 in an hour. Let's see if I can explain it......

I keep them on ice until I'm ready to clean them.

I pick up the fish by the head - using rubber gloves or a rag to keep from cutting my hands on the gill plates - and hold it in it's normal verticle position with it's belly resting on a cutting board.

I take a regular filet knife and cut a slice through the fish from just behind the top of the head to the backbone.

Next, I lay the fish on it's side and, using the tip of the filet knife, lightly score the flesh from just behind the head, along the top of the back, just below the dorsal fin and on the the top of the tail. Turn the fish over and repeat on the other side.

Next take a set of those pliers used to skin catfish...... Again, holding the fish by the head, starting at the corner of the skin where the first cut and scoring meet at the top of the head, strip the skin and scales off the fish. Both sides.

Now, just cut the filets off what's left.

It's much, much simpler and easier than I've made it sound! I've used this method on everything from bluegills to catfish to walleye and pike...... About 60 seconds or less per fish! And an electric knife is more of a hinderance using this method than a help!

Good Luck!


I have used a hand knife on walleye, salmon, and panfish. I know it takes practice but I can clean around 90 fish per hour and the electric makes alot cleaner filet. I notice that when I compare my filet with my son-in-law's filet (all he uses is a hand knife). Its just my preference and I am still interested in information on a cordless filet knife.
Mal there is a cordless knife out there I donot know more than that at this time I will try to track it down for you. i seen it used on a dock a couple of years ago. Tight lines Billy
Mal: Bass Pro also offers the exact knife that Barb told you about. It is the American Angler Ultra Electric Fillet Knife. You can purchase the 110V or the 12V. It comes with a 8" fillet blade and a 7" standard blade. These run $39.99 at BPS.
I know I can get the 12 volt and 110 volt. What I want is a cordless (rechargable) that can be taken on my fly-in. The 12 volt is one that has clips that attach to a 12 volt source (heavy battery). I do not want to fly-in with a big battery - only limited to 100 pounds when flying in. I need a self contained filet knife that operates independent of an outside power source. This unit must be self contained. The only thing I need with it is a cord to recharge the unit.
Mal - I know I have seen one in one of the catalogs, just can not remember where. I'm at the inlaws and will be back home on Thursday will try to see what I can find.

by the way, where to you fly-in? We've got the same restrictions (100 lbs) and go from Nestor Falls in Ontario. We've stuck with this outfitter for 10 years because they have hot/cold running water in every cabin, even on the lakes 200 miles north of base camp where there is only one cabin.

My next trip is the first week in September, stil trying to find a good deal on Silve Minnows for Pike, can't seem to find them on sale anywhere.

I fly in out of Nakina. Fly northwest for about 20 minutes to Esnagami Lake. Have been going there for about 10 years. First couple of times I went, there was no electricity, only gas lamps. Now they have just about everything. Am glad for the help!!

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