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Rob LaMoy

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Mar 19, 2001
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I was mistaken. The test was not an EKG. It was an echocardiogram. They actually see your heart on a screen. Apparently they are not the same test. Anyhow, I have an appointment with one of the best cardio offices, but it isn't until the end of July. I will still meet with the 1st Cardio doctor to see what he says. I will keep everyone posted. Thanks for the posts and prayers. I am spending some time with my family today but tomorrow...yup on the water.
For the rest of you...... If you've never seen an echocardiogram - they're really neat! It's done just like a sonogram is done to see the fetus in a mother's womb! They are using them now many times in the place of a thalium stress test - where they have to inject radioactive die into your veins to see the functioning of the heart.

We'll all be keeping you in our prayers, Rob!