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Timothy Hanford

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May 16, 2001
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I am thinking about building a deck exension for my 1995 Tracker Pro 17. I'd like to build the extension to extend the front deck back to the driver's console. I'm fairly good with poweer tools. I am wondering if anyone else has done a project like this recently and could offer any tips?
Tim, John Foster has a write up on this subject in the "grab bag" section. It was done on a 170 DC but, it may still be helpful to you.
Thanks for the advice. Sometime in the next week or so I'll take my measurements and draw my sketch for the project. I do plan on making an open box with just 4 walls and a hinged lid, matching gray carpet of course. I'm going to put some dividers in it to hold my utility boxes on end so I can see what's in them isntead of just stacking them in there in top of one another. Hopefully I'll be able to get my materials and complete this project within a few weeks. Thanks again for your help.

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