Brute 767 55# 24V - Vibrates on med - high

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David Jordan

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Aug 4, 2001
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My brute 767 vibrates noticebly when set from mid to high speed. It is not the mount but something in the motor head.

I can see anything whhen it above water or running above water. The prop is fine and there does not seem to be any

sidways play that i can find. Is this normal or is there a bearing inside that might be bad when under load. I'm sure that this must be scaring some fish
Dave, Have you taken the prop off the motor. Possibly there is somthing in behind it. Or maybe the sheer pin has bent and that is causing the vibration.

The prop you are running may be unbalanced (one blade signficantly heavier than the other). You can run the motor for a moment without the prop on to see if it vibrates without it.
thanks to all for your suggestions.

I removed the prop and found that the previous owner had broken the pin and use only part of that pin to hold the prop on.

It was very bent. I chech the armature and it is straight. will see how it works today with a new pin