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Steve Gibson

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Jan 22, 2001
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ok guys, need some input on trolling motor batteries.I have never had any luck with interstate batteries,thats what came with mine when i bought it in may of 98' and sure enough the starting batt died last yr., so i stuck a delco voyager in that i have had for 10yrs at least and still going strong.Now the trolling battery went out this yr.Thinking about trying out the evertroll,has anybody had good luck with these batteries or should i go with the delco again.
thanks guys
tight lines
Steve ><}}}}'>
I have to agree with above. Delco M30's have saved my rear many times during tournamnet use and long weekends w/o power. They're big, but worth every penny! I've had them in the past three Nitros(896,911,929) w/ 36 volt Motorguides with never a problem. There are a bunch of "new" tech batteries out there, but they'll never replace a Delco.
Steve, if you can afford the Evertroll's ($600 each)then go for em. I've talked with several guys that fish the Calif. Delta almost exclusively. And all of them have had nothing but great things to say about the Evertrolls. Keep in mind the Delta is tidal water, constant current, and most days the wind blows pretty good too. If these guys are loving em, they gotta be good.

Todd C.
I have two Everstart Wal Mart batteries. They sure payed off today. Cotter pin came off 9.9 motor and therefore the nut and prop are now at the bottom of the lake. I had to troll about 2 miles back to the ramp. Batteries sure felt as if they had as much power at the end as when I started out.
thanks , went with the delco,went to the lake today and it done great
steve ><}}}}'>