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Malcolm Smoot

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Oct 7, 2000
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Was at Cabelas in Dundee, Michigan yesterday and purchased a Guest 2631 Battery Charger. Am wanting hook it up asap but have a couple of questions. I can only mount it one place and that is close to the trolling batteries but I may be short about 2 feet. Do I cut the circular connectors and connect some additional wire (what type and size) and then fasten a new circular connectors at the end of the new wire?? What about the positive wire with the in-line fuse? Can I leave that fuse where it is at and attach the needed length of wire to the end of it after I cut the circular conector and reattach a new one. Then I need about 15 feet of wire to attach to the starting batteries in the back of the boat. Same here - do I leave the in-line fuse where it is and cut the connectors and reattach the needed length of wire to these batteries?? Any and all help would be appreciated!!! Want to get this done asap!!!

For your trolling batteries, cut off the ring terminals and add 12 gauge wire and new ring terminals. For the start battery, cut the wire above the fuse holder and splice in 12 gauge wire and add the fuse holder to the end near the battery. You can also call me toll free at Guest at 1-888-483-7865 extension 135 for additional assistance.

Have a great day!

Sue D.