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Rob LaMoy

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Mar 19, 2001
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As many of you already know, the FLW championship is being held not only on my home water of Lake Champlain, but in my home town of Plattsburgh NY. Not just any FLW tourney....the championship. That's awesome. I was just looking forward to being around the event and the pros and hopefully learning a little more. Well, I got the news on Saturday that an outfitter I sub-contract with is hosting the event and they need people to guide some of the pros and run camera boats. Guess who's going to be one of those people. Yeah, me! Ain't it great! The guiding part will be a cynch. I already gave one pro a pattern 2 years ago that won the B.A.S.S. event up here for 75K. Wish I had fished it LOL. Anyway, to be a camera boat, and watch everything unfold, that will be awesome. Hopefully we get to drive around and watch several of the pros. Plus I hope they let us use one of the sponsor boats, as mine will NOT keep up with those rigs. Anybody ever done this before? What's the format?

hey Rob what is the exact dates of the tournament .hopefuuly it's the week that w are up in Sept.
Rob, You RULE!!! If any pro's ask you to guide during practice will you get a % of the pay check if they win? Kind of like a golf caddy getting 5-10 % of a pro's winnings.

Have FUN!!!


I believe the dates are 9/21-9/23. But there is prefish before it and the pros will be here all thru Aug.

Marke, I am not sure how the FLW rules format is. I know that is BASS I was able to make a deal with a pro. What happened was that he didn't think my pattern would hold enough fish to last for 4 days, so he told the NJ rookie (at the time) Mike Iaconelli, who proceeded to win 75K and his 1st top 150 there. The deal had been that I would have been sold a 1 yr old Champion 21 footer with 225 opti and ALL the extras for 13K. However, since the tip was referred, I didn't pursue it. It kind of made me laugh. Poor Pete, probably still kicking himself today. All I want is for the word to get out about my guide service so I can take it totally full time next year. This could be my break. I will still have to move south for the winter months to guide though. So if any of you Florida guys see a confused yankee that looks like he's fishing for smallmouth in Ockechobee, that would be me. I'm not even sure who has qualified for it, but I hope I get to see Denny Brauer, my personnal favorite. Then, Jimmy Houston, Tommy Biffle, and Pete Thileveros. He just won on the ESPN outdoor games in Lake Placid (an hour from me). Great guy. Well, I'm pumped, can you tell. Later

Uh, Rob..... Being the good friend that I am........ I don't want you to strain that heart of yours........ So....... I'd be happy to take over in your place....... Just as a gesture of friendship, you understand........

Now, for another game of "What's My Line"! (I hope I'm not the only one who remembers the old game show!)

Mystery Guest, are you involved in Professional Fishing?

On second thought....... Don't answer that - everyone is entitled to whatever level of anonymity they chose.
Rob, careful about how much of your "knowledge and locations" you share with those guys,....If you help a Pro and he/she does well.....there will be a TON of spectator boats following them around,....and your honey holes are now "community" holes after the tournament,....don't be to quick to divulge your $$ spots for the sake of helping a "professional",...they WON'T acknowledge your help and they very well could give away all of your secrets. Mini knows what that's like after the FLW left here last month!! Just a thought to keep in mind.


I know, that's what happened last time. I got NO recognition and that spot of tires that was even published in BASSMASTER magazine has been picked clean for the last 3 years. I learned that trick the hard way. Never again. I'm just going to pick THEIR brains. Any decent fisherman can look at a map of Champlain and figure out where fish will be. Keep ya posted.

I'm going to try andf make the trip up to Champlain for the weight ins. (might even organize something for the local anglers.)


You are the man!!! Keep us posted. I'd like to make it over for the Saturday weigh-in. Maybe a few of us can get together after the weigh-in.

Bob G.

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