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Greg L

Apr 23, 2001
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Hey all... as you probally know by now, I purchased a pro deep v-16 with a 50hp. I went out today, everything went well. When I got home, I was looking around the boat, and spun the prop (it was in neutral) It made a slight scraping noise. I looked closer and the prop is rubbing on the inside collar of the lower unit. I did not hit anything, the prop still is black all the way around. The skeg of the emgine has some scrapes from shallow water, but the engine was not running at the time. Is this normal? I took off the prop and spun the shaft to see if it was bent. It is not. So I figure the pressed spline has to be off by a fraction in the prop itself. I took a socket and a hammer and tapped it a few times on a board. Put it back on and no more scrapping noise. It looks straight when spinning it. It did before though too. When I was out it seem to runn just fine. No vibration or anything. Guess my question is .... did I do the right thing, or should I get a new prop. The prop has only been used 3 times, and like I said... I did not hit anything. Sorry so long winded. btw did I get sun burned and no fish

You should be fine,....normal running conditions will put all kinds of twist and strains on components, and things have a way of "moving"..LOL Keep and eye on it and if it gets worse, then I'd change the prop, but i doubt you'll have too....good luck this season!!

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