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Rich Stern

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Feb 26, 2000
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Hi all.

As you can see, the web site is sporting a new look this evening.

During the last couple of months, I've been busy working on other web sites. The software that I orginally wrote for this site fell behind the times as I kept refining my software tool kit.

Well, now we are caught up. All of the features have been retrofitted to the Nitro/Tracker Owners site.


- The site is now hosted on a commercial server. (WAY more stable than my basement setup, and much faster, too)

- Improved message board format that allows faster loading of pages

- Categories for messages

- Searches by category for messages

- "Member" posting...put in your email address (the same as in your member profile) and your member password, and a nifty little "M icon shows up next to your posts, indicating you are a member. The icon is also a link to your member profile page.

- Preferences for how many messages to show on a page, and what order to display them in.

- Member listings by state

- Dealer Reports by state

Other stuff that I am surely forgetting.

I haven't moved the grab bag and links data over yet, will do so soon.

Also, now that the software as caught up, you'll see an increasing flow of improved features, since this site now shares it's software underpinnings with the other sites I maintain.

I have not switched the and URLs over to the new host yet, so the old server will be redirecting you to my "" server for the next few days. Doesn't affect functionality.

If you posted a message after 10pm this evening on the old board, it may not have made the trip over to the new server. My apologies if you have to repost anything.

Hope you find these changes useful.

Rich, Sites looking good! You probably don't realize how much all the Tracker/Nitro owners enjoy and appreciate all the work you do so we can enjoy this site! Thanks for the new look and improvements!! Mike
Looks Good Rich!

Hey! How come I gotta type in my own name, etc? Hope I remember my password!

Great stuff....hope this doesn't set you back too many spinnerbaits ;-) Love the improvements, keep up the great work Rich!!!!
Looks good,Rich. Keep up the good work.
Great job Rich,If your ever in my area I'll be glad to put you on some nice Bass. Good luck this fishing season and have a save one. Full wells Billy
Rich, it looks great. Keep up the good work. While I may not post a lot, I read the board daily...
Nice set up, now when is this snow going to stop so we can get off the computer and go fishing :)
awesome website, just stumbled across it tonight. will be visiting regularly,jeff
Rich,way cool but I need to learn how to use it
P.S. get my e-mail yeasterday