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Thread in 'General Discussion' started by AirForce, Sep 10, 2014.

  1. AirForce

    AirForce Well-Known Member

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    Apr 17, 2013
    Smyrna TN
    You might get this supposedly newsletter like the one below or some other format but I will say this - I DO NOT OWN or USE any software by PARETOLOGIC. Why??? Because I'm not a freaking idiot to install that crap. KNOW who you get software from. I am a certified Microsoft Security Specialist/Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer. DO NOT do anything this letter recommends (although advice is good) but its sucker bait to trick you into using THEIR junk. Don't fall for it or you WILL REGRET IT. Do NOT click on any of the links within that email - DO NOT UNSUBSCRIBE - it will CONFIRM YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS for more spam/scams - Just let your email system report it as spam. You CAN set up filters to block paretologic.com from entering your email system (never ever let email download to YOUR MACHINE). Read it online (even then you have to be careful if you open something you don't recognize). I hover over the header it and it will show me where it comes from. If I don't recognize it - I flag it to HELL.

    This is especially true if you DON'T refer to you by name (and even then, look closely at spelling). I surely hope nobody is using any free software and have a damn good PAID antivirus. I personally use VIPRE Business Suite (since I have a server and several workstations at home). I like the ability to centrally manage and get alerted to any viruses on any of my machines in live time. This email is whats known as a social interaction scam/spam suckering you into doing something you wouldn't ordinarily do but feel compelled because of the "HELPFUL ADVICE", bullcrap - I don't let that soften me up none :mad:

    below is an except of the email -

    5 Million Gmail Passwords Have Been Hacked And Leaked



    As a valued PC Solutions subscriber, we felt that it was necessary to warn you about an important security issue.

    5 Million Gmail Passwords Have Been Hacked And Leaked. On Wednesday, September 10th, more than 5 million usernames and passwords for Google's mail service were dumped on a Russian Bitcoin forum. According to Russia Today, the accounts "are mostly those of Google users and give access to Gmail mail service, G+ social network and other products of the U.S.-based internet giant." CSIS researchers have analyzed the data, and concluded that it's likely that the usernames and passwords were obtained by individual phishing and hacking attacks.

    Protect your PC against spyware, phishing, and cyberattacks: Scan Now.

    We recommend that you change your Google password:

    1. Sign in to your Google account.
    2. Go to the Google Accounts security tab.
    3. In the Password box, click Change password.

    You can also turn on 2-Step Verification by adding your phone number to your Google account.

    Cyberattacks can destroy your computer, take over your machine, cause malfunctions, and steal valuable information. Protect your PC and run a free scan now!

    Thank you and have a great day.

    so be wary of bullcrap coming into your inbox. I LAUGHED when they said I use one of their products - hell I know what products I use and by who and it damn sure ain't them. BEWARE

    They even got the GALL to be on the Microsoft Answers FORUM trying to snowball everybody - WRONG PLACE a*swipe. Claim to be a Microsoft Partner - anyone can be a partner if you follow the steps. Read this for more about Paretologic https://www.badwarebusters.org/stories/show/24310
  2. dougiemac

    dougiemac Guest

    Thanks @AirForce for the heads up! I hate scammers!

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